Patients with depression often require different treatment than other people. Depressed patients feel sad and empty. There are many reasons why someone is depressed, and depression can be caused by different factors such as death in a family, betrayal, loss of money, loss of job and other factors. Some people cope better, some find it hard to get out of their depressive state. If you want to help someone with depression you should be very careful what you say and do. Depressed people may experience thoughts of hopelessness and helplessness, strong grief and sadness, and even thoughts of suicide. Sometimes depression can last for several weeks or months, so you should never rush things and further annoy the patient by telling him to cheer up.

What to Do

No matter whether it is mild or serious type of depression, this state can not only affect the person himself, but others around in his life. That is why you should always be there to help the depressed person get out of his depressive state as soon as possible. First thing you should do is get more familiar about what depression is and learn more about its symptoms. When you arm yourself with enough knowledge you will be able to respond and act better. Be observant and pay attention to the depressed person you want to help. Try to better understand his feelings by carefully listening. Never pass judgment and never offer unsolicited advice as that might make things worse. Instead, listen carefully and ensure the depressed person that you know how he must feel. Acknowledge the situation and let the person know that you are there for him or her in case they need you.

What to Avoid

You are not going to help the person if you just tell him to brighten up or to look at the bright side of things. Also never confront the person and do not talk about his or hers emotional state. If the depressed person wants to share something – so be it, but never demand answers in confrontational manner. When a person is depressed, that is not a good time for making jokes and trying to make the person smile.

Best Approach

The best approach to patients with depression is to show your physical and emotional support as much as you can. Tell the depressed person that you truly care and that you are aware of the things he is going through. Assure the person that you will always be there if you are needed. It can also help if you try doing something together, like doing some physical activity or taking part in some other interesting activities together. That will take the depressed person mind off the issues he is dealing with.

Truth is that there is no certain approach which guarantees good results and that is hundred percent effective. Every person and situation is different, so the best thing you can do is to offer your love and understanding and everything else should follow.