Loneliness and depression are often used as synonyms, but these are two completely different things. However, they are still closely connected together and interact with each other. Loneliness is a big risk factor for depression and usually that is the first sign that someone is going towards depression. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that people who feel lonely tend to be depressed.

Loneliness can come because of different life situations. Loneliness is a state when a person feels isolated by the world and has no companions. That means the person does not have someone close to talk to and lean on in times of need. Am example is when people get stuck in the cycle of rejection on dating apps like FS. Many people falsely mistake loneliness with solitude. These two are not the same. Sometimes you can choose to be alone, but you still not feel lonely because of that. Loneliness is much more than that. Loneliness is a negative feeling that brings on sad experiences, memories and emotions, regrets, negative images and resentments.

How Loneliness Causes Depression

When you are alone and do not interact and mix with people, then the likelihood of getting depressed is high. Loneliness is one of the major factors that lead to depression in people. This is because when people feel lonely, they bring up all their negative thoughts which lead to big emotional pain and self-torment. However, positive news is that today there are many treatment options and therapies that can help lonely people avoid going into depression. First step towards eliminating loneliness is acknowledging it and then seeking help.

Major Loneliness Situations That Lead Into Depression

  • When someone loses a family member or a close friend it is natural to feel lonely. However, if the feeling of loneliness goes on for a long time it can lead to sadness and depression.
  • When a person breaks up and splits with a loved one, that is another situation which can first lead to loneliness and then to depression. Divorces and breakups affect different people differently and some can cope better, while others simply cannot. Those who cannot cope with the feeling of loneliness after breaking up with someone they loved, often go into the state of depression.
  • Loneliness can also bring feelings of guilt as well as feelings that nobody cares about them. This is extremely hard to cope with for many people, which is why they become depressed.
  • Loneliness also causes emotional pain and can hurt a lot. This is because the person withdraws from everybody, stops talking and leaning on others, and eventually becomes depressed.

As we can conclude, loneliness can lead to depression if not treated properly. It is ok to feel lonely sometimes, but you should not let that affect your everyday life and activities. As loneliness stretches, chances are high that you will become depressed. In order to avoid that, try doing things that you enjoy doing and interact with people you love. That is the shortest and best way to avoid depression.